Payment can be made by credit card at the moment but does not accept credit cards. However, before making an order with a credit card on our site, we hope you spend some time reading the following information to understand how your purchases are processed by credit card.

Our site is concerned about the safety and security of our customers. As a result, we have implemented a number of technology protections to ensure our business is extremely secure and that our customers' data is secure.
When purchasing or selling on-line, caution is always necessary. The vast majority of online transactions have been completed without incident but this site has developed the following guidelines to ensure that your online shopping experience is safe and secure.
How are purchases processed by credit card?

1. To place an order and type of credit card number on a secure site of an online store. shop manager sees the details of the purchase, including purchase and billing information.

2. Basket details with merchant account are sent to the secure payment gateway for processing.

3. Payment gateway forwards transaction information for the acquisition of Banca Trader.

4. Merchants get information from bank transactions releasing the credit card bank for transaction verification.

5. Credit check credit card issuance card and send the response code (Approve, Reject, and Reason for Rejection, if applicable) returns to the Merchant Bank Buyer.

6. Business Bank sends special credit card transactions and response to the payment gateway. If payment is approved, the bank will deposit into a merchant account at the due time.

7. Payment Gateway sends transaction data and then responds to online retailer.

8. Payment information is displayed to the customer, ie "Credit card was charged", "Credit card was declined", etc.
In the early stages of processing some commissions will be calculated from the total transaction. The amount of fee depends on a paid gateway used, merchant account, credit card type, and other factors, usually adds two to three percent of total expense.
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